Why a Part-Time Job in Retirement Can Keep You Young

You may be reading the title and thinking to yourself – how can a job keep me young? Perhaps you’ve reached retirement and are looking forward to all your downtime and being able to relax more. The truth is that sometimes a part-time job can make you feel young. Retirement can sometimes be lonely and draining if you are not spending it right. If you are looking for a great way to keep up with your downtime in retirement, a part-time job can help. Keep reading for why a part-time job can keep you young in retirement.

Physical Activity

Having a part-time job gives you that physical activity that you used to get when you worked full time. For example, in retirement, you might find yourself watching a lot of TV on the couch. Perhaps even snacking on a lot of junk food. Even if at your full-time job, the most you did was drive to work – you were still getting out and doing something with your day. Studies show that seniors who are active in their retirement have a less likely chance of developing chronic diseases.


Your first couple of weeks in retirement may stun you that your life when you worked full-time had more social interaction. You will have time to visit family members and loved ones in retirement, but most likely, it won’t be every day. When you worked full time, you were used to seeing your colleagues every day, going to work events, and chatting about the latest work projects.

Reduce Risk of Disease

A study about the risk of disease and preventing it found that people who work past 65 were three times more likely to be in good health. They were also half likely to have serious health issues, like heart disease, cancer, and dementia. Working past retirement is not for everyone, however. Some people retire due to stress, a physically demanding job, and feeling “burnt out,” or dull feeling, found better benefits after retiring.

Keeps You on a Schedule

Staying on a schedule can keep you young. Even if you’re working part-time, setting your schedule can help you feel balanced and ensure you are spending your time wisely and not on the top of the schedule you’ve created for yourself. Having a schedule and a routine helps people to thrive in uncertain or unpredictable times. A psychologist from the NYU School of Medicine states that “a lack of routine or structure causes increased anxiety and stress, overwhelming feelings, lack of focus and concentration.”

Working Part-Time Keeps Work Interesting

When you work part-time, you get those mental breaks from work. With a full-time schedule, you do not get those mental breaks, and you may think work gets mundane. When working part-time – you’re still working, but it’s not as much as a hectic, busy lifestyle. Plus, when you have that part-time work, you won’t have to worry about dipping into your savings as much. Not having to worry about spending your savings may provide you with peace of mind and less stress regarding money.


Working a part-time job in retirement may or may not be for you. Regardless, working part-time has some factors that may keep you young. Suppose you spent most of your adult life working. In that case, you might struggle to find meaning and face some emotional challenges after you’ve defined your life through working and being in a career for so long.

Having a part-time job will keep you young since it gives you physical activity, allows you some daily socializing, reduces the risk of disease, keeps you on a schedule, and keeps life interesting. If you’re thinking of trying out a part-time job, go for it!

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