What is the Importance of Pet Portraits?

Pets are the most adorable creatures that are not humans, yet they make the best friends for us. Their life span is short, which is to mean that they won’t be there with you for a lifetime. Having you paint your dog or cat or whatever pet you have and hang it somewhere would create memories that will last for a lifetime.

There are many ways such as ‘paint by numbers’ method through which you could paint your pet by yourself. You could as well get some custom pet portraits or pet paintings from pet portrait artists.

Having the portrait or paintings of your pet is important in so many ways, which include but not limited to:

Keeping Memories

It is said that memories never fade. As stated above, a pet’s lifespan is short and there is a likelihood of you losing it in the course of your life. To keep the pet’s memories alive, you could consider taking a few photographs or having paintings of the serve. This will help you memorize the deceased pet or better still tell your personality through the painting.

Give as a Gift

You could paint your pet and give it out as a gift, or hang it on one of the walls especially where your pet spends most of its time. Likewise, pet paintings could be printed on such clothes as t-shirts and hoodies and be used as gifts for/to the pet-lovers.

High Quality

A pet painting’s quality is higher than that of a photograph. It is not enough to have a picture of your pet hang on the wall. A painting may last for decades unlike a photograph that will fade overtime. You could opt for oil or Acrylic paintings as these have a longer lifespan.

A Great way of Strengthening Imagination

While memory fades, imagination has a way of strengthening itself. To create a strong memory, you need to think something so challenging that you have to ‘think outside the box’. Pet paintings is one of the ways you could achieve this.

There is ‘paint by numbers’ tool kit that avails to you all the necessary tools to paint, as well as a guide n how to go about it. This gives you a platform to come up with as many portraits, designs and paintings as possible, hence strengthening your imagination.

House Decoration

In many cases, pet paintings are hang on the walls to serve as house decorations. It is a great way to tell a story without putting it on paper. They can also be used to reveal your personality or that of those living in that house. They clear the boredom or monotony of the walls, creating something that would capture your guests’ attention.

There are Royal Pet Portraits also, which are used just for fun. They could as well be hang on the wall.


Getting pet portraits is not only important to you but also to your guests. It will help you keep memories for decades as well as serve as gifts to friends and family. Get one for yourself today and make the difference.

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