How Proper Packing Protects Goods When Shipping Internationally

There are many pieces to the puzzle when preparing merchandise or personal belonging to be shipped overseas. It can be a complicated process and educating yourself so you can take steps to ensure your items are not lost or damaged in transit is important if you want to be successful in this endeavour. One of the most important elements in creating a positive shipping experience is making sure your shipment has been packaged safely and securely for its long voyage.

While you may consider going the DIY route, there are some goods which should be professionally handled, especially if they are fragile, large, awkwardly shape or in need of a climate controlled environment. There are packing and crating companies who are more than happy to help, being well-versed in preparing goods for overseas transport. One of the biggest risks to a shipment is if it is improperly packed. Here are some reasons why it matters.

  1. Increased Likelihood of Damage

There is always a risk of potential damage in transit when shipping merchandise or personal items internationally. When you have not taken the care or attention to ensure the cargo is packed and protected properly you increase the likelihood of it arriving in less than perfect shape and this is a very disappointing outcome that can be easily avoided. A professional company helps you with the crating and packaging which typically cuts down on headaches in the long run.

  1. Save Space

Haphazardly and poorly packed cargo shipments take up extra room and therefore cost you more money as there is unused space within the boxes and containers. People experienced in preparing goods for overseas transport know how to utilize the space and to fill in and minimize wastage of valuable room in the crates or pallets. If you are on your own be sure to pack as carefully as possible so you are not using up area on the ship that you do not want to pay for.

  1. Protect Fragile Items 

When dealing with fragile, sensitive or easily damaged cargo packing them in the correct way can help guarantee they get to their destination in pristine condition and in one piece. When transporting by ship or airplane your items pass through a number of hands and professionally preparing goods helps to ensure breakage does not occur. Customized crates can be built to protect your shipment whether it be art, instruments or your late mother’s glassware.

  1. Climate Control

Some belongings and merchandise are more sensitive and susceptible to damage from moisture leading to things like molding, corrosion or staining. Thankfully there are things that can be done like shrink wrapping or building specialized crates to protect goods from the elements and other outdoor concerns. Creating a climate controlled environment for certain shipments is imperative so be sure to know if it is necessary for your goods before you send them off.

  1. Decrease Loss and Theft

Having your items packaged securely and tightly together helps to ensure they do not get lost or stolen while en-route to their destination. Although it is not something we like to think about merchandise heading internationally is handled by a large number of people and sometimes mistakes do happen. Also, theft sometimes occurs when goods are being transported by cargo ship or other less secure modes of travel. When they are packed right this issue is reduced.

  1. Help the Handlers

Those working to get your goods from point A to point B deal with numerous cargo shipments throughout their work week. When you have improperly packed a load this makes it much more difficult for them which means the process is a lot less streamlined and efficient. Misshapen or awkwardly packaged pallets or boxes are harder to pack into a container creating issues when it comes to adding other cargo loads onto the mode of transport.

  1. Storing

If at any point your product or personal belongings need to be stored during or after transit, problems will probably occur if they are not crated, palleted or boxed in a safe and secure manner. While in storage unless it happens to be in a clean, dry and climate controlled environment you may find them damp and mildewy after the fact.

  1. Shipping Options

Different shipping methods affect how items need to packaged so keep this in mind when figuring out how you plan to pack your goods. With cargo ships they may be exposed more to environmental factors than other modes of transport and with airplanes it is necessary to pack conservatively in order to save space.

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