A Brief Guide on Using Drug Detox Shampoo For Your Hair

The Macujo Method

The question most people ask themselves is whether they can pass hair analysis by conducting a homemade cleansing method such as the Macujo method. The first thing that pops into our minds is whether this is just a hoax or not, and will it work if you follow the guidelines.

According to previous users and people that tried this particular cleansing method, the Macujo is one of the most efficient solutions if you wish to pass a hair follicle drug test in a timely manner.

Of course, it is not 100% accurate and safe, but it will help you do something about the upcoming test that may affect your future lifestyle. You should read an article on Weed News that will help you find the best shampoo for hair detox possible.

As soon as you search for this particular term on weed blogs and forums, you will notice that most people state that it works, while others are skeptical about it. Let’s start from the beginning:

What Is The Macujo Method?

You should have in mind that the Macujo method is a hair cleansing regiment that includes following a specific set of steps by using chemical products that will help you remove THC metabolites from the hair shaft.

It entered the market in the early 2000s, and it was described by the person who claimed to use it for passing an analysis. Since then, numerous people from all across the globe shared their experiences so you can check them out online so that you can make sure that everything is legit.

The main disadvantage lies in the idea that you will affect the appearance and health of your hair since the method includes using several chemical products that you would not use in regular situations.

At the same time, it may be expensive, especially since Aloe Rid old formula requires online ordering and paying a hefty price for it. However, according to people who already used it, method will worth both money and pain.

Is It Effective?

It does, and that is a fact, for numerous people who tried it back in the day. The question is how it happens, and you do not have to worry, because the process is straightforward and simple.

It functions by using various chemicals and harsh cleaners that will open your hair strand so that you can get rid of THC byproducts by using detox shampoo and finally liquid detergent.

However, you have to follow the instructions in details and find appropriate chemicals that will help you along the way. However, even if you do everything per instructions, there are chances that you may not pass the test, which is something you should know before you start.

However, it is still the best chance possible that will help you remove THC metabolites from your hair, and you should try it unless you do not want to be hired. You should check here to learn how to pass different types of drug screenings.

At the same time, it is not an efficient method of choice for other drugs apart from cannabis. Therefore, you should have in mind that it is specially made to help stoners cleanse themselves, and even though people tried it for other drugs, the evidence is not transparent.

What Will Happen With Your Hair After The Macujo Method?

We have mentioned a few times above that this particular method can be problematic for your hair and cause severe issues. Therefore, you have to handle it if you wish to remove unwanted particles of THC from your strands.

Of course, when compared with the second most efficient way of cleansing your hair or Jerry G method, the Macujo will not cause permanent damage, which means that you do not have to get a haircut afterward.

You will need to use products such as salicylic and detoxification shampoos, vinegar, and liquid detergent, which may lead to scalp irritation, especially since the process requires plenty of scrubbing.

At the same time, you have to do it every single day and repeat the process at least five times beforehand so that you can pass the screening.

Your hair will be frizzy and dry after each treatment, but as soon as you pass the test, you will be able to revitalize it by using natural conditioners such as coconut oil.

Instructions You Should Follow

Things You Need

  • Vinegar
  • Aloe Rid old formula shampoo
  • Liquid detergent
  • Salicylic acid shampoo
  • Shower caps
  • Protective goggles
  • Rubber hand gloves

Step-By-Step Guide

  • You have to start by rinsing your hair, but avoid soaking it, but let it be mildly wet, because you will use chemicals that may affect your eyes and skin, and you do not want it to drip more than enough.
  • The first product you should use is vinegar, pours it on your head, and works it deep into the scalp. In case that you have an overly sensitive scalp, you will notice burning sensations.
  • Next, you should add salicylic acid shampoo and massage your scalp and hair for fifteen minutes. You should also scrub it on the skin surrounding your hair, and this may lead to additional painful sensations and burns.
  • Use the shower cap and leave it be for at least half an hour. We recommend you to use a wet towel so that you can wipe away the drops that may affect the skin on your face.
  • Remove the showering cap in thirty minutes and rinse everything by using mildly warm water.
  • The most crucial step is to use Aloe Rid old formula shampoo, and scrub it deeply and rinse it. You can repeat this particular process two times for further efficiency.
  • Finally, you should use liquid detergent and pour it over your hair. Rinse it until you notice-scratching sound of your hair.

We recommend you to enter this website: https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-18-825/salicylic-acid-topical/salicylic-acid-6-shampoo-topical/details to learn more about salicylic acid shampoos.

In case you have seven days until the test, you should repeat the process every single day. If you have a few days, you can increase the process and cleanse your hair two times a day.

It is vital to use the new shower cap each time so that you can avoid additional contamination.

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