How Flexographic Printing Can Help You Build Your Brand Identity

If you have considered starting or expanding your business then you have undoubtedly heard about printed boxes. And if you haven’t, then why not? Boxes are useful for storing and transporting goods – they’re used for shipping wine, groceries, clothes and pretty much anything else that needs to be packaged and shipped. In a nutshell, here’s what you should know about custom printed boxes just to help make your decision up your sleeve. So, why companies choose custom boxes with logos and custom designs to promote their products? First and foremost, it is important to understand the top three reasons why retailers choose custom box designs to customize their products and services:

Portability – Printed boxes are small enough to be transported easily. Shipment time and cost are low when using custom boxes. You can print on the boxes with your logo and product information and send them out for printing right away. Using standard printed packaging boxes on a roll or flat surface can be very time consuming and can increase delivery times and cost.

Increased Sale Value – Custom printed boxes with your logo and product details add value to your product. This makes the product more attractive to buyers while also increasing the likelihood that they will pick up the product when they try and resell it on the market. RSC boxes offer a better solution than other packaging options because the printed boxes are pre-standard so they fit right into any shape and size. This makes it easy for manufacturers to create a huge variety in designs which can be used to promote their product and will likely give the retailer an edge over competitors that opt to use standard packaging options for their products.

Increased Brand Awareness – It is a proven fact that businesses with a strong brand image are much more successful. Using custom packaging with eye-catching color schemes can do wonders for your company and help build your brand awareness as well as maintain strong customer loyalty. By offering stylish, flexible and functional packaging options, you are increasing the chances that your customers will appreciate and hold onto your products. Flexographic RSC boxes are among the most popular and affordable options for all types of packaging, ensuring that your company’s brand is presented in the best way possible.

Professionalism – Printed boxes are manufactured to a high-quality standard using high quality materials that are environmentally friendly and will stand the test of time. Offset printing allows you to print on almost any surface including cardboard, plywood and more. This makes it very easy for you to control the look and feel of your product. Your customized packaging gives your product extra appeal and helps to differentiate your brand from competitors. Many companies have taken advantage of offset printing to produce quality product packaging.

Increased productivity – Printing can also increase productivity by using high quality material and modern technology. Offset printing offers an excellent solution for all of your packaging needs. Because most printed boxes are already pre-stickered, there is no need to hire new packaging designers. Offset printing also enables you to use high quality materials for your packaging, which can reduce the cost of materials significantly. In addition to increased productivity and convenience, flexographic printing has the potential to lower your total manufacturing costs.

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