Do You Want to Unleash Your Culinary Creativity with Kadai Fire Pit Accessories from BBQs 2u?

BBQs 2u has been in the barbeque and grilled foods business for several years. They are also selling various cooking appliances so that you can prepare all these foods in your own kitchen.

Recently, BBQs 2u has introduced Kadai in its product range, which is a traditional cooking appliance mostly used by Indians.

You can grill, bake, smoke, or slow roast by using Kadai. This may be the only fire bowl available on the market that can do everything in one appliance.

You can elevate your experience in live fire cooking by using Kadai accessories.

1.      Kadai Cookware

Using the Kadai cookware collection, you can unleash the inner chef in you. All these accessories are made using very durable materials, and you can cook a few mouth-watering dishes using an open flame. For all types of cooking, this cookware is well-designed for live-fire cooking.

2.      Asado Cross

Using another versatile tool called Asado Cross, you can transform the outdoor setup for cooking.

This will enable you to adjust the position and height of your cooking so that you can obtain a perfect succulent roast. If you appreciate live-fire cooking, this accessory is a must-have.

3.      Cooking Tripod

This accessory has been specially designed so that you can stably place your Kadai while cooking. You can suspend it over the fire, adjust your height for cooking as per your convenience, and control the temperature of cooking.

If you want to experiment with different cooking techniques, then this accessory will be your game-changer.

4.      Marshmallow Fork

By using this specially designed accessory, your outdoor cooking is going to be fun. Whether you are roasting skewering veggies or roasting marshmallows, this will offer special fun to your overall cooking experience.

5.      Kadai Fire Pit Accessories

Discover Kadai’s impressive selection of fire pit accessories designed to elevate your live fire cooking experiences.

From grates and grills to covers and tools, Kadai’s accessories are carefully chosen to provide lasting durability and exceptional performance.

6.      Easy to Store

This has been so designed that when you are not using it or want to store it, you can use the stand that fits neatly inside the bowl by keeping the grill on top.

This will be delivered to you in a cardboard box specially made to keep it safe, along with its maintenance instructions.

If your bowl and stand are left outside, they will develop a natural rust patina, adding to the distinctive character of your fire pit. Each component of the fire pits, including the grills, is meticulously handmade.

There are four sizes available so that it is suitable for all spaces and families while used as a BBQ:

  • 40cm diameter: For cooking up to 4 people
  • 60cm diameter: For up to 6 people
  • 70cm diameter: For up to 8 people
  • 80cm diameter: For 8+ people!

BBQs 2u keeps on adding new cooking accessories and appliances to its range of products. Keep looking that Instagram posts and reels to remain updated.

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