A Simple Process of Repairing Faulty 271d Transfer Case

The DNA of every car manufacturing company is to produce robust, fast, and enduring vehicles. But among thousands of parts used to make a strong and speedy truck, the transfer case plays a pivotal role in its performance. For 2003 Dodge, RAM 2500, and RAM 3500 trucks, 271d transfer case is an indomitable component that gives them unparalleled strength on tough roads.

Reassembling the 271d 

Being one of the most complex parts of a vehicle, reassembling a 271d transfer case is difficult. And as a plus bonus, it comes with heavy financial burdens, but with steady hands and proper craftsmanship, you can reassemble and equip your truck with the 271 d transfer case within a blink of an eye. Here is how we do it.

  1.     Purchase the kit

There are many transfer case’s rebuilding kits. Don’t rush to an online store or local auto spare shop and get one before understanding your vehicle’s make and model. This will help you get a perfect transfer case that is compatible with your truck.

In our case, get a 271d transfer case model that is well-suited for RAM 3500 or 2500 trucks.

  1.     Prepare your vehicle for new parts.

Use a heavy-duty floor jack to hoist or suspend your vehicle for unbolting of the case’s parts. Then unplug the fluid drain cap to remove the engine fluid.

At this stage, your safety odds are at their lowest. Hence, you should take precautions not to slip on the wet floor in case of oil spillage or touch your eyes with engine fluid.

  1.     Remove the 271d transfer case

After unbolting the skit plate, you can clearly see the transfer case. However, you have to maneuver through different parts in order to remove the 271d. First, remove the front and rear drive shaft, shifter linkage, and drive sensor.

Once these parts are out of the engine, you can carefully remove the transfer case with the help of a floor jack. Ensure this heavy case is secured very well on the jack to avoid accidents.

  1.     Open the case and remove damaged parts

By now, you understand that the transfer case is a big and heavy unit with hundreds of components. Thus you need to open and remove each one separately. Some mechanics start by removing the snap ring, followed by the output shaft drive all the way to the input shaft. If you are finding difficulties in completing the task, consult the case’s user manual.

To locate the damaged parts, look at their structure for deformities or anomalies. You can do this with the help of an expert who will easily single functioning parts from damaged ones.

  1.     Install new parts

Install new parts from the kit and reassemble the 271d transfer case in the reverse order starting with drive sensors all the way to the snap ring.

  1.     Close up the transfer case and return it to the original position

Carefully align the two halves of the case and bolt them in the right position using a recommended torque wrench. To finish off the project, get a couple of friends to help you move the case to the original position under the truck and secure it with the bolts.

Remember to install other components and fill the 271d transfer case with the appropriate amount of engine fluid. You are good to hit the road again.

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