360 Spin Models PhotoBooth For Sale

360 spin photo booth has two modes, automatic and manual which give a unique experience of a photo booth. The spinning platform is a circular shape and captures photos from all angles, and allows you to take the best quality videos. 360 spin photo booth could be the highlight at events, and it can be a huge hit as the guests will be excited and thrilled to take photos and videos. All of the 360 spin photo booths spin in 360 degrees and give high-quality videos and photos. There is a collection of 360 spin photobooth for sale, and all the products are custom made.

Automatic 360 spin photobooth for sale includes:

RevoSpin RA-6-35″

RevoSpin OA-6 – 35″

Manual 360 spin photobooth for sale includes:

RevoSpin RM-4 – 27″

RevoSpin RM-5 – 35″

RevoSpin OM-5 – 35″

360 Photo Booth can capture from all angles

The 360 spin booth is taking the parties and events to a different level of entertainment. Even though traditional photo booths are exciting, they cannot show the photos taken with 360 spin photo booths. In a 360 spin photo booth, a camera is mounted on an arm that is revolving. Whatever be the moves, the 360 spin photo booth captures it all.

360 spin booth includes software that can create boomerang, slow motion, custom overlays, and many other effects that can be added to enhance the created video.

There are two types of 360 spin photo booths for sale, automatic and manual.

Automatic 360 spin booth

The automatic 360 spin photo booth is fully automated with a remote control to handle the settings of the photo booth. With the remote control, speed adjustments can be done for the slow-motion videos, and the units turn off and turn on. For the automatic model’s power source is required, and if a power source is not available, then a power pack is available that can be set up virtually.

Manual 360 spin Booth

The manual 360 spin photo booth is perfect for locations where there is no access to a power source or you do not prefer an electrical extension in the venue. All the user needs to do is simply spin the arm of the photo booth with their hand, and the 360 spin photo booth does its task.

Manual 360 spin photobooth for sale is available in reasonable budgets and two sizes 35” and 27”.

Both automatic and manual spin 360 photo booths are easy to transport because it has heavy-duty road case with wheels.

iPad Photo booth shells for sale

With a 12.9” iPad photo booth shell, users can get an innovative photo experience using the iPad photo booth for all events. iPad photo booth gives the customers at events a creative and unique photo experience that can be shared on social media instantly. The photo booth app has effects and filters to enhance the photos before you capture them. You can even add extra effects to the app.

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