3 Effective Ways to Create SEO Friendly Titles

  1. Every page on your website must have a unique title tag

This is done for helping Google understand how a certain webpage is different from other pages on your website. Indexing is a very complex process. Google and other search engines try to understand the context of a page, and this can be made easy by using a great SEO friendly title.

  1. Titles must be brief and informative

The title must always have 50 to 60 characters max. SEO Singapore experts recommend using title with 50 to 60 characters max because it is an average number of characters displayed in Google search results for a snippet title. Always root for shorter titles than the longer ones to make sure that your titles are displayed with no breaks in the SERPs, offering a better user experience and more CTR.

  1. The title should describe the page content

Consider this as a summary of the page. A good title is very relevant to the page content. Never trick Google by putting up a title that is not supported by the content you post. This will bring your rankings down, and the process is called pogosticking. It describes the process when a user searches something on Google, visits the top result, and is not satisfied with it and then goes back to the search engine again and visits another listing. When this is the case, Google drops down the ranking of these pages down. To know more helpful tips like these, feel free to visit the website now.

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